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Gianni Van Hoecke

About Me

Gianni Van Hoecke

With over a decade of experience in development and team leadership, I embarked on my contracting journey in 2024. Specializing in Java development and AWS, I bring expertise perfected through years of hands-on practice. As a contractor, I’m committed to delivering strategic solutions and driving results in every project.

I am deeply passionate about technology and adept at crafting innovative solutions to complex problems. The decision to pursue a career as a software developer was a deliberate and strategic choice.

+32 496 76 72 33


What I Do

Strategic Solutions

Crafting tomorrow’s solutions today: shaped by your voice.

Java Development

Java mastery: where excellence meets code.


Guiding teams to success: leadership refined.


Customer-centric research: tailoring insights for your success.

Cost Optimization

Cloud cost efficiency: maximizing AWS, minimizing expenses.


Agile excellence: simplifying complexity, one sprint at a time.